Street naming information for developers

If you are a developer or owner of a new property you should contact the Street Naming and Numbering Team before starting work on site.

You will need to supply:

  • a written request to name and number the new streets on the development
  • a site layout plan and location plan
  • if possible, written confirmation of the final layout for the purposes of numbering the plots (if this is not possible, we will be happy to number the plots when you confirm them)
  • an approximate date of when occupation is expected
  • suggestions for the names of any new streets you would like to be considered (if you prefer for us to propose street names we will be happy to arrange this)

The above information will help us to provide an efficient service to you and your customers.

We will only name streets after a living individual in exceptional circumstances; wherever possible we support the use of names that reflect local history and heritage.

A single dwelling will be named or numbered into the existing street. Often letters of the alphabet are used along with the adjoining number.

Small developments on existing streets may need an additional identifying name.

What happens next

  1. We will consult the Royal Mail regarding any suggested street names to ensure there is no duplication in the local area
  2. The proposed names will be forwarded for the street naming consultation
  3. Upon approval, we will register the street name(s) and prepare a postal schedule of addresses
  4. You will receive a copy of the postal schedule and a numbered layout plan of the development, which will also show the approximate position of any street signs. A street nameplate specification will be included
  5. You should then inform all your prospective purchasers of their new property address

Informing the statutory undertakers

We will supply you with a list of the organisations you need to inform, or we can inform them for you. They must be informed within 2 weeks of the allocation of addresses.

Each organisation must be given:

  • a copy of the numbered plan
  • a copy of the postal schedule to each organisation

As the developer you will be responsible for providing new street nameplates to our specifications; information will be supplied at the appropriate time.

Report problems

Use our online forms to report problems with existing street naming signs.

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