Waste and recycling

Preventing bin problems

Follow these simple steps to prevent your bin from becoming smelly, especially during warm weather:

  • store your bin out of direct sunlight
  • keep your bin lid firmly closed
  • tie bin bags which contain food waste securely before placing them in your bin
  • compost your uncooked vegetable and fruit waste

Prevent pests getting in your bin

Follow our advice to stop pests (such as flies, cats and rats) getting in your bin:

  • keep your bin lid firmly closed
  • tie up rubbish bags securely
  • wrap all perishables, such as food waste
  • store your bin out of direct sunlight as the heat will increase smells which attract flies
  • clean out plastic bottles and cans for recycling to minimise smells that attract animals

Cleaning your bin

Kill any maggots in your bin by washing it with boiling water - but take care!

Keep flies away from your bin by using a cleaning product with a fragrance - please follow the manufacturer's safety instructions.

Alternatively, contact bin cleaning companies in York who can do this for you.

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