Homeshare York matches an older homeowner (the ‘Householder’) with a younger person (the ‘Homesharer’) when the:

  • Householder has a spare room and could benefit from support and companionship
  • Homesharer is happy to provide 10 hours of support per week in exchange for accommodation

A Homeshare match is beneficial by providing:

  • help with practical tasks
  • companionship
  • an overnight presence (the Homesharer)

Our homeshare coordinator will:

  • facilitate every match
  • provide guidance throughout the matching process
  • provide support on an ongoing basis

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Refer someone to Homeshare if you're a health care professional.

Homeshare fees

Homeshare York is a not-for-profit scheme, where there's no charge for Householders.

Homesharer costs are as follows:

  • a £160 monthly fee towards the cost of ongoing support and the matching process
  • contributions towards household bills

These terms will be stated in the Homeshare Agreement and agreed ahead of the match.

Also see

Intergenerational Coordinator

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