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Births, deaths and marriages

Memorials at York Crematorium

When someone you love dies, you may wish to commemorate them with a memorial; you probably need to pause and consider carefully what would be right for you and your loved one. We recommend you visit York Crematorium in person to help you make a selection. Our dedicated and professional staff can help; they can show you the options available.

Our range of memorials

Please be aware that all memorials except the Book of Remembrance are supplied on a lease basis and remain the property of York Crematorium during and after the period of lease.

York Crematorium offers the different types of memorials, including:

  • arboria plaques - situated within the Chapel of Remembrance this memorial offers a unique fusion of precision engraved lettering and craftsmanship with four types of plaque available - download an arboria plaque order form
  • granite shaped discs - mark the resting place of a loved one’s cremated remains within the Gardens of Remembrance (not available in Palace Wood) - download a granite shaped disc order form
  • black memorial plaques - aluminium plaque with white raised letters sits on a raised metal stand - download a black memorial plaque order form
  • bronze plaques - choose between a plaque on a stake which will be situated within the rose beds, or a flat plaque which will be fixed to the raised beds either side of the path towards, the summer house - download a bronze plaque order form
  • granite vase blocks - white granite with black inscription; a galvanised vase for flowers is provided - download a granite vase block order form
  • granite planters - situated adjacent to the Chapel of Remembrance this octagonal memorial allows for an inscription on a granite plaque with a vase provided at the base - download a granite planter order form
  • summer house memorials - a memorial made from polished black granite with the a motif, towards the boundary of the Gardens of Remembrance - download a summer house memorial order form
  • sanctum 2000 - holds up to 2 sets of cremated remains, with a vase for cut flowers offering a focal point when visiting the grounds - download a Sanctum 2000 order form
  • SANDS - located to the front of the infant garden, the memorial offers a choice of motif alongside the inscription; there is also a vase provided for flowers download a SANDS order form

Book of Remembrance

Download a Book of Remembrance order form.

The Book of Remembrance is a permanent memorial is on display within the Chapel of Remembrance and comprises several volumes one for each quarter of the year. The minimum entry is 2 lines, with the maximum being 8 lines; a coat of arms, any motif or design which may have significance to the family can be inscribed - for inscription ideas see our Book of Remembrance illustrations guide.

To ensure memorial entries are inscribed for the first anniversary or requested date, applications must be submitted by the following dates:

  • for April, May, June - by the beginning of January preceding
  • for July, August, September - by the beginning of April preceding
  • for October, November, December - by the beginning of July preceding
  • for January, February, March - by the beginning of October preceding

Entries in the Book of Remembrance will appear in the Chapel of Remembrance on the first anniversary; viewing of the book is via the exterior kiosk, located behind the flower vestibule. Entries will also be available via the online 'book' after the first anniversary.

Online Book of Remembrance

Memorial fees and charges

See a list of memorial fees and charges.

Pay your memorial fee and charges

Visiting your memorial

To ensure that we maintain a pleasant environment for all of our visitors, please observe the following when visiting and placing tributes:

  • only cut flowers (without any wrappings) are permitted in the grounds of the Gardens of Remembrance
  • flowers may be laid at the place where ashes have been scattered or interred
  • no items may be placed on or attached to any tree in the gardens
  • no other items are permitted in the gardens including pots, vases, glass, plastic flowers and any form of memorabilia
  • all items not permitted will be removed without notice
  • no planting or interference of the ground is permitted


During specific occasions such as birthdays and Mother’s or Father’s Day cards may be placed in the gardens but will be removed after 3 days.

Christmas wreaths and all other Christmas related tributes will be disposed of immediately after Twelfth Night. No other items are permitted in the grounds and will be removed without notice.

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