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Apply for independent living accommodation

There are 2 kinds of independent living schemes in York:

Get information on independent living schemes and your eligibility.

Applicants can arrange to visit a scheme before applying. You can bring your friends and family to look at our facilities as well.

Call the appropriate Housing Management Officer for each scheme to arrange an appointment.

Applying for independent living

  1. Join the housing register - add your name to the housing register using the Open Housing Portal or by contacting the Housing Registrations Team.
  2. Complete the eligibility assessment form - once your application has been processed we will send you an assessment form to check your eligibility; contact our Housing Registrations Team for help with this form.
  3. Bid for a property - if you're eligible, we'll send you (or your nominated person) bidding details. Find out more about choosing and bidding for properties on the Open Housing Portal.

Applying for independent living with 24 hour support

  1. Arrange a social care assessment - a social care assessment determines whether you qualify for independent living with 24 hour support. It also tells us the level of care needed, which can be low, medium or high. Contact the Customer Access and Assessment Team to arrange this.
  2. Join the housing register - once your social care assessment has been carried out you can join the housing register using the Open Housing Portal.
  3. Wait for a property to become available - once your application has been processed, our Housing Registrations Team will confirm whether you've been accepted for independent living with extra care. You do not have to bid for independent living with extra care properties - we will let you know when a suitable place becomes available.

Also see

Adult Social Care Community Team

Telephone: 01904 555111, Textphone: 07534 437804

West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA