Active Travel Programme

York’s active travel scene is changing – watch this space to find out how you can get involved in shaping the future of walking, cycling and active travel in York.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, as part of the Government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF) the council implemented a range of temporary measures to support active travel throughout the pandemic. It is now time to develop and introduce new, permanent infrastructure that will enable more convenient and safer walking and cycling across the city of York.

Active Travel measures 2021-23

City of York Council have provisionally allocated around £3.3million to support active travel schemes to be implemented by 2023.

The Active Travel Programme is part of the Council’s overall Transport Capital Programme and highlights upcoming projects and proposed schemes (some projects are subject to successful bids) to be implemented by the end of 2023.

Map of active travel programme

All schemes which impact on residents and businesses will be subject to public consultation prior to progressing the scheme. By using the consultation to develop high quality cycle routes, we can encourage more people to walk and cycle as part of their everyday travel in the city.

Proposed schemes to be progressed through feasibility and delivered where supported include:

  1. Business and retail park active travel
    Improves travel inks around Clifton Moor and Monks Cross

  2. Improvements to A1237 outer ring road bridge
    Provision of a cycle lane and improved foot ways over a 1km viaduct where provision is currently poor.
    This will link suburbs on the northern and southern sides of the River Ouse and East Coast Main Line, including Manor School on the southern side and Clifton Moor Retail Park on the northern side.

  3. Shipton Road
    A 3.2km radial route with cycle lanes~
    Includes including the replacement of some of the existing pedestrian refuges on the road which constrain the width of the proposed cycle lanes, with signalised crossings, and improvements to the main junctions on the road.

  4. Bootham
    New improved cycle facilities and lanes on Bootham

  5. People streets
    Improve walking and cycling routes in the vicinity schools (Clifton Green primary and Badger Hill Primary)

  6. Navigation road cycle route
    Provision of One Way Plug on Navigation Road to reduce traffic and improve north-south cycle route connections. This project links with road safety improvements on Foss Island Road.

  7. Acomb Road
    Improvements  for cyclists on Acomb Road to the west of York, including many children travelling to local schools, but where there is currently very little provision.

  8. Tower street and St George’s Field
    Signalised toucan (bicycle and pedestrian) crossing from St George’s Field car park to link with new Foss Bridge as part of new route to Piccadilly.

  9. Tadcaster road
    Provision of on road and off road cycle routes from Sim Balk Lane to the Mount to link in with a major Highway Maintenance Scheme. The ambition is to start the first phase of construction (the maintenance scheme) in early 2022.

  10. Wheldrake and Heslington cycling and walking links
    provision of an off-road cycle route to Wheldrake, which will benefit commuters between the village and York city centre, including school children travelling to school in Fulford.
    Further projects also include:

City centre access improvements

Measures to be undertaken in and around the city centre to serve the footstreet area, and ensure that the heart of the city is as accessible as possible for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled residents.

This scheme would include a range of measures such as:

  • improved signage
  • improvements to disabled crossing facilities

City centre bridges

Campaigns for improving behaviours on bridges, including awareness of avoiding close passing cyclists.

School Zone Pilot

After a successful trial of a 'people street' concept at Carr Junior School in association with Sustrans, further changes would be planned to Ostman Road in Acomb as a pilot scheme, for potential future wider roll out across the city.

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