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Active Travel Programme

York’s active travel scene is changing - watch this space to find out how you can get involved in shaping the future of walking, cycling and active travel in York.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, as part of the government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF) we have implemented a range of temporary measures to support active travel throughout the pandemic. It's now time to develop and introduce new, permanent infrastructure that will enable more convenient and safer walking and cycling across the city of York.

Active Travel measures 2021 to 2023

We've provisionally allocated around £3.3 million to support active travel schemes to be implemented by 2023.

The Active Travel Programme is part of our overall Transport Capital Programme and highlights upcoming projects and proposed schemes (some projects are subject to successful bids) to be implemented by the end of 2023.

All schemes which impact on residents and businesses will be subject to public consultation prior to progressing the scheme. By using the consultation to develop high quality cycle routes, we can encourage more people to walk and cycle as part of their everyday travel in the city.

See details of upcoming and proposed schemes:

A1237 bridges cycle route

Improvements will see the introduction of a new cycle lane and improved footways over a 1km viaduct. This will link suburbs on the northern and southern sides of the River Ouse and East Coast Main Line, including Manor School on the southern side and Clifton Moor Retail Park on the northern side.

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A19 Shipton Road

A new 3.2 km circular route with cycle lanes from the Rawcliffe Bar Park and Ride site along Shipton Road to Bootham Bar. The proposal includes improvements to replace the existing pedestrian islands on the road, which constrain the width of the proposed cycle lanes. New signalised crossings and improvements to the main junctions on the road.

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Acomb Road

Improvements for cyclists and pedestrians along Acomb Road, York Road, The Green and Wetherby Road to the west of York from the Fox Junction (B1224) through to Beckfield Lane connecting to a further improvement scheme on Front Street.

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Badger Hill People Streets

In response to identified concerns regarding the safety of crossing points, and the impact of vehicles on pedestrians and cyclists, we're proposing the installation of improvements to walking and cycling routes in the vicinity of Badger Hill Primary School.

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The works were completed in early April and the traffic signal junction is now in operation.

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City centre bridges

Road markings have been added to the key city centre bridges Ouse, Skeldergate and Lendal, to help drivers and cyclists navigate the bridges together safely, raise awareness of cyclists and avoiding close passing. This scheme is now complete and closed.

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City centre north to south cycle route

Improvements to the North-South cycle route along the edge of the city centre, but inside the inner ring road, including largely focuses on directional and safety signage.

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Fishergate and gyratory pedestrian and cycle scheme

Improvements for cyclists and pedestrians from Fishergate Bar through Fawcett Street, Fishergate and Fulford Road to the Maida Grove junction.

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Fulford Road and Frederick House

Improvements for cyclists and pedestrians between the junctions with Maida Grove and Hospital fields Road.

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Hospital Fields Road cycle improvements

Investigate the provision of segregated cycle lanes along Hospital Fields Road to connect New Walk riverside path and Millennium Bridge with Fulford Road junction and the Barracks for cyclists. This project will improve the East-West cycle route access across York.

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Manor Lane and Shipton Road improvements

This project aims to address issues for pedestrians and cyclists crossing both Manor Lane and Shipton Road (A19). These crossings have large footfalls from school children, meaning it is extremely busy in the morning and early afternoon. This project aims to resolve safety and amenity issues at these crossings

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Orbital cycle route - Lawrence Street, James Street, Regent Street crossing improvements

Improving access to help cyclists and pedestrians navigate this route together safely, where Regent Street crosses Lawrence Street on the Orbital Cycle Route. This will see the introduction of warning signage exists for cyclists or pedestrians when the cycle route crosses the Lawrence Street pavement

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Ostman Road People Streets

Providing a better environment for everyone using Ostman Road, near Carr Junior and Infant Schools, at school drop-off and pick-up times.

We hope the Ostman Road People Streets improvements will encourage parents, carers and pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school

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Rougier Street and Tanners Moat cycle gap

Improvements for cyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair or mobility scooter users. Including changes to the modal filter (cycle gap) between Rougier Street and Tanners Moat.

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Skeldergate cycle improvements

We've now completed the construction of cycle by-passes between Emperor's Warf and City Mills on Skeldergate.

The aim of the scheme is to improve safety, amenity and accessibility for cyclists on the route along Skeldergate, and to reduce conflict at the build-outs.

See more information about the proposed Skeldergate cycle improvements.

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St George's Field signalised crossing

We're proposing the installation of a new signalised pedestrian and cyclist crossing the on the inner ring road section of Tower Street, adjacent to St George's Field.

The aim behind the proposed crossing is to link cyclist and pedestrian access from the St George's Field riverside path to the north side of the Inner Ring Road at York Castle Museum, with the crossing located between the entrance to St George's Field car park and Castle Mills Bridge.

This will help pedestrians and cyclists using the existing riverside path, to link into existing and proposed pedestrian and cycle routes on the north side of the inner ring road.

We want to hear your thoughts on these proposed changes prior to formal decisions being made.

The St George's Field signalised crossing consultation ran from 14 October to 5.00pm on 14 November 2022. The consultation is now closed.

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Tadcaster Road

One of the busiest roads in York is set to benefit from £6.4 million of improvements. The improvements to Tadcaster Road are set to be made in 2022 to ensure that the road can continue to cope with current and future travel demands, and to create a safer and more attractive environment which supports and encourages more people to walk, cycle and use the bus.

The improvements, which include essential maintenance work to upgrade the drainage and lighting and proposed measures to encourage more people to walk, cycle and use the bus, will ensure that the road continues to cope with the current and future travel demands and create a safer and attractive environment for all.

Once detailed designs have been produced the construction dates will be confirmed; the construction could start in late 2022 and complete in 2023.

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Tang Hall Lane to Foss Islands path access

We're proposing the installation of an alternative cycle connection between Tang Hall Lane and the Foss Islands Path.

The aim of this scheme is to improve the safety and convenience for cyclists using this route by providing an alternative way to connect between the road and the cycle path.

See more information about the proposed Tang Hall Lane Cycle Improvements.

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University East to University West campus link

Improvements for cyclists and pedestrians along University Road and Field Lane from the roundabout junction with Wentworth Way and Siwards Way through to the roundabout junction with Kimberlow Lane and Kimberlow Rise.

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University Road minor pedestrian works

Working with arboriculturists, to resurfacing the pavement on the East side of University Road caused by trees. This will improve the safety, amenity and accessibility of the pavement for pedestrians.

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Wheldrake to Heslington path

Introducing an off-road or rural cycle route between Heslington and Wheldrake, to provide better access and links for users between the village and York city centre, including school children travelling to school in Fulford

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