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Fulford Recreational Development Proposal

Fulford Recreational Development additional information

Works on the Fulford Recreational Development will begin following design completion and planning approval.

Duration of works

The works would start in Summer 2023 and be complete by Summer 2024.

The field would need to be closed to the public from Summer 2023 until approximately Spring 2024 based on this timeline, whilst the works were completed.


The costs of all of the works will be covered by contributions from:

The developer, Persimmon was required to provide a parcel of land and financial contribution, the S106 Recreational Payment, to the City Council. The S106 money is tied to an agreement completed at the time of the associated planning approval and can only be spent on the items listed within it. These are:

  • the provision of a new sports hall on the grounds of Fulford School (already completed)
  • the improvement of existing sports and open space facilities within the vicinity of Germany Beck

Groups who will benefit

The following groups will directly benefit from the Fulford recreational developments, especially the clubhouse:

In addition, all residents, including those who are less mobile, would benefit from areas such as:

  • the community garden
  • the improved area
  • better paths
  • increased garden areas
  • more seating stations
  • more tree cover
  • extra sporting provision
  • wildlife areas

Consultation feedback

It would be ideal if feedback provided through the consultation chose 1 of the 3 options, however, elements can be mixed and matched as long as they don’t clash. So if you wanted a part of Option B to be added into Option C, then as long as there is the space and funds to cover it that can be considered. Please simply note that on your feedback.

The consultation for the Fulford Recreational Development is being conducted online. If you have difficulty navigating the feedback form, or would like to provide additional comments, please contact the Heslington and Fulford Community Office Cindy Benton via email:

You can suggest other ideas which aren't in these options. However, this is a green field site and so buildings and construction, such as a swimming pool, fixed athletics track, or houses or modular buildings would not be acceptable. Other outdoor space activities, especially if they can be done on green field, could be considered.

Final decisions

There is a Germany Beck liaison group who will review the options and all the feedback obtained from public consultation. They will also assess the proposals and opinions of the Fulford sports clubs and Parish Council members and propose a final option. The ultimate decision is then made by the council's appointed Section 106 officer, in line with the funds available and the requirements of the S106 agreement for Germany Beck.

Fulford Show

Nothing will change for arrangements for the Fulford Show, except that it will have a bigger open area to use.

Access to the site

The access will remain the same and will be granted from the same points around a larger open field. Residents and school pupils can continue to use routes across and around the field.

Also see:

Cindy Benton

Community Officer

West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA

Telephone: 01904 551813