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Sports and leisure

Free Access for National Sports People

We support elite and talented athletes with free membership of sports facilities in York. This is known as the Free Access for National Sports People (FANS) scheme.

We currently provide this scheme in partnership with:

FANS membership is intended to complement current training and should be used in conjunction with advice from your coach or team manager.

To apply for FANS membership, complete our online application.

FANS Scheme application form

Membership application process

Membership allocation is prioritised according to set criteria. You must:

  • compete in a Sport England recognised sport
  • be a senior (over 16) in national team Great Britain or Home Nation team or squad
  • be listed in the top 10 of any national over 14 age group ranking within a Sport England designated sport
  • be competing at a national level in your National Governing Body Competition Pathway or similar (for example, have been selected as part of an officially constituted national training squad or programme such as the World Class Programme)
  • provide proof of your current level from your sports National Governing Body

See a full list of designated Sport England recognised sports.

The following guidelines apply to membership of the FANS scheme:

  • applicants must be a York resident and be over the age of 14
  • membership allows free training in a designated fitness facility
  • specific access and availability is to be agreed with the designated venue
  • FANS members must present their membership card before using the facilities
  • approved FANS members will have to take the formal induction to use the facilities
  • coaches or your fitness trainer should be assisting you with the correct programme whilst using the facilities
  • coaches wishing to attend any training session should seek permission from the facility management prior to attending
  • applicants should be considerate of members of the public and not hinder or cause disadvantage to others through their training programme or methods

Membership benefits and venue access

If you are successful in applying for FANS and you are referred to GLL, you'll receive a GLL Sports Foundation training membership.

If you are successful in applying for FANS and you are referred to York Sport, you'll receive a full membership with full access during the opening times.

Membership for both GLL and York Sport includes the following access to facilities:

Adult membership (16 and over)

Gym access Swimming access Classes
Any time Any general swimming sessions Any classes

Junior membership (15 and under)

Gym access: Monday to Friday Gym access: Saturday and Sunday Swimming access Classes
3.00pm to 6.00pm 9.00am to 6.00pm Any general swimming sessions Not included

Promotion of the FANS Scheme

FANS members may be called upon to assist in the promotion of their sport. This could include:

  • attendance at 1 event or programme per year
  • related press releases identifying the specific partners’ support

FANS membership renewal

Membership to York FANS will be renewable on an annual basis, subject to a new application being successful.

When considering renewal applications, we will consider:

  • your suitability according to the current criteria
  • how many times you have used the facility in the past year
  • how well you have been performing

Also see

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