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Planning and building

Previous consultations on the new Local Plan

All drafts of the new Local Plan are subject to public consultation.

All responses received through formal consultation are made publicly available in full and as summaries, including the key issues raised which we compile into tables.

The responses received to the most recent consultation are still being process and will be made available in due course.

Each response is saved using an individual's unique ID reference number; please contact us if you would like to know your ID number.

Local Plan consultation responses in full

To search Local Plan consultation responses, you'll need to enter:

  • LOCPLN/14/00001 to access responses for the Preferred Options Consultation
  • LOCPLN/14/00002 to access responses for the Further Sites Consultation
  • LOCPLN/16/00001 to access responses for the Preferred Sites Consultation
  • LOCPLN/17/00001 to access responses for the Pre-Publication Regulation 18 Consultation

You are able to view Publication Consultation (Reg 19) responses online.

View all of the responses we have received.

Responses from businesses and organisations appear in full. We have made every effort to remove personal details from responses received from individuals.

Summaries of local plan consultation responses

The individual comments we have received are summarised by section, policy or site, with petitions summarised separately:

Each summary table includes a 'Ref' column.

The first number represented in this column is the ID of the individual, business or organisation who made the comment and can be used to find the full responses saved under this number. The second number is a log of the specific comment.

When reading through the summaries be aware that:

  • where no comments have been made in relation to a policy or site, no summary will exist
  • where an identical letter or residents' survey was submitted, we have given these a response number and summarised once to avoid repetition
  • we have identified identical letters/residents' surveys with the wording 'see response x' in the comments column, and have included these in a separate summary table
  • comments submitted during a Preferred Options consultation relating to strategic, general housing and employment sites can be found under Preferred Options Section 8: Economy and Section 10: Housing Growth and Distribution
  • if a comment has been made on open space in connection with site ST15, we will have logged the comment under site ST15 in the Spatial Strategy section, rather than under the Open Space section

Local Plan Further sites survey

As part of the Further Sites consultation, we received a number of responses to a Local Plan survey, which we tailored to different areas of the city, asking both city-wide and area-specific questions.

See a summary of the Local Plan survey responses.

Local Plan consultation findings

Public consultation findings are part of the evidence base upon which we analyse and take decisions for the Local Plan.

Other evidence base work and the Sustainability Appraisal process also inform the Local Plan.

You will have further opportunities to comment on the final Local Plan before it is examined by an independent inspector.

Also see

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