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The Local Plan

The 'Local Plan':

  • is a city wide plan which helps with development control in York
  • sets out opportunities and policies for building/development (including new homes and businesses)
  • describes what will or will not be permitted, and where

The Local Plan

The full name of our Local Plan is 'City of York Draft Local Plan Incorporating the 4th Set of Changes (April 2005)' - this and the associated appendices and proposals maps are the documents referenced when we make development control decisions (such as major developments in York, and planning permission).

Within the Local Plan each policy sets out the criteria that planning applications are considered against. See a list of policies within each chapter; each policy has a number and title that should be quoted in any correspondence relating to the Local Plan.

Individual policies in the plan shouldn't be interpreted in isolation - the overall plan should be regarded as one single publication, together with its associated proposals map, see how to use the Local Plan and the Local Plan user guide.

Using Local Plan maps

Contact the Planning and Environmental Management Team to view a large scale map, request an extract of a particular area or with specific boundary enquiries related to the Draft Control Local Plan Incorporating the 4th Set of Changes (April 2005).

Creating a new Local Plan

We're developing a new Local Plan in line with the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (2012), this will eventually replace the version we're currently using.

Also see

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