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Parking and permits

Considering Penalty Charge Notice objections

If you are issued with a penalty charge notice (PCN) you can request that it be cancelled by objecting to your PCN.

  • your PCN will be put on hold until we have reviewed your objection
  • every objection or representation will be considered on its merits and all circumstances will be taken into account
  • if we agree with your objection, your PCN will be cancelled and you will not need to make any payment

Successful PCN objections

The following are examples of situations where we may consider the cancellation of a PCN:

  • PCN issued in error
  • failure to display a ticket, permit or Blue Badge
  • medical illness or injury
  • vehicle breakdown
  • police or criminal involvement
  • missing, damaged or insufficient signs and markings
  • parking machine faults
  • loading or unloading in some circumstances
  • other mitigating circumstances

Further requirements for a successful objection

You will normally need to provide some evidence in support of your objection, depending on the grounds for the objection, such as:

  • a medical note
  • evidence of vehicle breakdown
  • a valid Police Incident Number
  • other proofs relating to any mitigating circumstances

A PCN would normally only be cancelled on the first occasion that you fail to display a ticket or permit. Any further PCNs issued for the same reason will not be cancelled.

We hold the registered keeper of a vehicle liable for a PCN. If the car was being driven by a third party this will not be grounds for cancelling a charge unless this was without the consent of the registered keeper.

In cases of vehicle breakdown you will be expected to repair or remove your vehicle within a reasonable period of time if it is in a location which could cause an obstruction, or lead to further PCNs being issued.

If the vehicle is in a location where you would normally need to pay to park, it is important that you always follow the instructions on the machine and tariff boards carefully and use alternative services such as paying by phone (where available).

We have a duty to act fairly and reasonably and will consider all mitigating circumstances which are presented.

Unsuccessful PCN objections

It is unlikely that the following reasons would be sufficient on their own to justify the cancellation of a PCN:

  • breaching marked restrictions
  • driver error or misunderstanding
  • incorrectly assuming a right to park temporarily
  • disputes regarding our policies
  • being unable to return to your vehicle

Civil Enforcement Officers check that the signs and lines are correct before issuing a PCN, and will also take photographic evidence to support the decision.

If you provide no clear reason for having parked incorrectly, this will not be considered.

If you assume that you will be able to park in a restricted area, despite the advised restrictions, this will not be considered. A connection to a property close to the area where you park is not a valid reason to park incorrectly.

If you are parked in a pay and display area but your return to your vehicle is delayed, for example due to a meeting or appointment taking longer than expected, this will not be considered.

We are unable to comment on other vehicles which may or may not have been issued with a PCN at a given location.

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