Each address in the City of York is linked to a local school known as your 'catchment school'. You have priority access to this school under their oversubscription criteria, but you are not guaranteed a place. For this reason, when applying for a school place, we recommend you list up to five preferences, including your catchment school.

If your child's allocated place is not at your catchment school, or if you move from a catchment area, you may have less chance of being successful when applying for any younger siblings in future years.

See information on catchment areas in our guide to school catchment areas.

Map of primary schools and catchment areas

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Map of secondary schools and catchment areas

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Address used for school admission applications

When applying for a school place, you must:

  • only use one address
  • use the address where you and your child are ordinarily resident at the time of application
  • be prepared to prove you are ordinarily resident at your stated address
  • provide additional information if requested, before a place can be confirmed

We will/may:

  • check addresses against other records we hold, in accordance with our Data Protection Registration
  • ask for proof of residence, tenancy (if renting), or proof of completion (if purchasing)
  • request proof of council tax payment to prove residence
  • ask for proof of ownership/tenancy at, and where appropriate, disposal of, a previous address

You can report fraudulent school place applications to our Veritau Team; they investigate all suspected fraud, on our behalf.

Members of the public can report suspected fraud to us, and we investigate all reports we receive. Any information you provide can be reported anonymously if you wish.

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