Choosing your care and support

You can choose the services which suit your needs, so that you're in control of your care and support.

First tell us about your needs; we'll discuss how any disability, illness or impairment affects your life during an assessment and work out the cost of helping you.

We'll also let you know if we can help with paying for your support and agree an amount of money we'll pay, known as your 'personal budget'.

Your support plan

We'll ask you to tell us about:

  • the things you want to change in your life
  • the things you want to stay the same
  • how you'll use your personal budget to make these things happen

This information will then be recorded in your 'support plan'. You can ask a friend or family member to help you, if choose to write the plan yourself.

We'll need to agree your support plan before you can receive any personal budget payments.

Direct payments

You can make your own care and support arrangements if your recieve your personal budget as a 'direct payment', or:

  • we can help you find high quality and good value services, or
  • someone else can manage your support arrangements and direct payment, but this will need to be agreed with us

You will have control over how the money is used to help you, but your direct payment can only be spent on the things agreed in your support plan.

See a list of advice and support providers with whom you can make your care arrangements using direct payments.

Join the list of support providers

Apply to be on the 'Support Provider List' if your organisation can offer advice and support to people paying for their care using direct payments. Check the specification for support providers before you submit your application.

Ongoing support

We will check with you regularly to make sure that everything is working for you. We can also talk about any problems that you might have or any changes you need to make.

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