Homeshare York matches an older homeowner (the ‘Householder’) with a younger person (the ‘Homesharer’) when

  • the Householder has a spare room and could benefit from some support and companionship
  • the Homesharer is happy to provide 10 hours of support a week in exchange for accommodation

In addition to help with practical tasks, companionship can be an important factor in a Homeshare match, as well as the reassurance provided by the overnight presence of the Homesharer.

Each match will be facilitated by the Homeshare Coordinator, who will provide support and guidance throughout the matching process, which continues once a match has been made.

Get involved with Homeshare

Check to see if you're eligible as a Householder or eligible as a Homesharer.

To get involved with Homeshare, find out more about:

Alternatively, if you're a health care professional you can refer someone to Homeshare for support.

Homeshare Fees

Homeshare York is a not-for-profit scheme, with a monthly contribution made by both parties to cover the cost of the matching process and ongoing support.

  • Homeshare fee for Householders is £85 per month
  • Homeshare fee for Homesharers is £160 per month

Homesharers also generally contribute towards household bills - this will be agreed ahead of the match and outlined in the Homeshare Agreement.

Homeshare York is a not-for-profit service, so the monthly contribution paid by the Householder and Homesharer goes towards facilitating a suitable match and providing ongoing support.

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