Homeshare matches an older person (the ‘Householder’) with a younger person (the ‘Homesharer’) when:

  • the Householder has a spare room and could benefit from companionship or support (such as cooking, cleaning and shopping)
  • the Homesharer can provide 10 hours of support in exchange for a room in the home

If you're an older person looking for companionship and some support to help you to stay independent in your own home, Homeshare can provide these things as well as the reassurance of an overnight presence. If you're a younger person finding it hard to get on to the property ladder, or pay back the cost of university fees, Homeshare provides an opportunity for affordable accommodation as well as other benefits that comes with intergenerational friendships.

Check to see if you are eligible as a Householder or Homesharer.

Applying for Homeshare

Request a call back from our Homeshare Coordinator to find out more about Homeshare and to find out if you, or someone you know, could be eligible.

request a callback

All Homesharers undertake an extensive interview and vetting process as well as a DBS check.

We’ll also visit Householders to carry out an assessment and ensure the accommodation they can offer is safe and secure. Our Homeshare Coordinator will provide support at every stage of a match and will continue to do so once the Homeshare is established to ensure that things are going well.

Homeshare Fees

Homeshare York is a not-for-profit scheme, with a monthly contribution made by both parties to cover the cost of the matching process and ongoing support.

  • Homeshare fee for Householders is £85 per month
  • Homeshare fee for Homesharers is £160 per month

Homesharers also generally contribute towards household bills - this will be agreed ahead of the match and outlined in the Homeshare Agreement.

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