Brown tourism signs

Read the full policy on tourism signage before sending your application for a brown tourism sign.

You must follow the appropriate guidelines for the placing of brown signs, which include:

  • the attraction must be recognised by the Tourist Board or Local Authority as a tourist destination or facility, and have all the necessary consents, for example: fire, health and hygiene
  • the attraction must be open for at least 150 days a year and have a minimum of 10,000 visitors per year
  • adequate off-street parking must be provided

Apply for a brown tourism sign

  • when completed, return your application form to our Traffic Management Team
  • once we've received your application, we'll send an invoice to the name and address provided on your form
  • alternatively, you can send us a cheque (payable to 'City of York Council') with your form

Cost of brown tourism signs

The cost of signs depends on the number you're requesting:

  • 1 sign: £300
  • 2 signs: £500
  • charge for each additional sign over 2: £100
  • charge for signs on the 'trunk network' (e.g. A64): £750 extra

These costs cover administration and site investigation and are payable whether your application is successful or not.

Please note that you will incur additional costs for us to erect your approved signs.

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