Changing the name of your property

You (the property owner) can:

  • name your property (within our guidelines)
  • apply for permission to change or rename your property

To do this, write to (or email) us with your name, the present full address of the property and the new preferred name.

Property naming process

When you apply to name your property we will:

  • contact Royal Mail to see if they know of a similar named property locally
  • check our information systems
  • request alternatives if there is an issue with your preferred name

We’ll inform you if the property name is satisfactory to be registered.

We’ll send the updated name of your property to the Royal Mail, the emergency services, Ordnance Survey and internal offices.

We’ll supply a letter of confirmation of the new full address and postcode to keep with your property deeds.

Report problems

Use our eForms to report problems with existing street naming signs.

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