Make a home composter

Simple composting solutions can easily be made at home.

Create a composter using chicken wire

To create a simple home composter using chicken wire:

  • use chicken wire to form a wide cylinder
  • fasten with twist/cable ties
  • anchor the cylinder to wooden poles, with staples
  • cover with an old carpet (preferably a natural pile), cardboard or plastic to keep the compost warm and prevent over soaking from rain

Make a compost bin

An inexpensive and simple compost bin can be made by:

  • drilling drainage holes at random points, approximately 12mm apart into an old rubbish bin (with a lid), or
  • using wooden pallets/untreated timber, to create a 'crate', secured at the corners with wire or nails, and covering it with carpet, card or plastic to keep the compost warm and prevent over soaking from rain

A composter made from wooden posts and chicken wire. A composter made from a plastic bin with holes drilled around it.

Buy a compost bin

Find out how to buy a compost bin, if you're unable to make a home composter, or would prefer a ready-made solution.

Avoid burning garden waste

We strongly advise against burning your garden waste because:

  • green and fresh/damp garden waste can be especially smoky when burned
  • bonfire smoke is a nuisance to neighbours, preventing them from enjoying their own gardens, opening windows or hanging washing out

See further information on smoke nuisance.

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