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Air Quality Action Plan

Poor air quality is a significant public health issue; it can:

  • put the health of our residents at risk
  • create an unpleasant environment for visitors to the city
  • damage historic buildings

Our Air Quality Action plan (AQAP) sets out the measures being taken to improve air quality and who is responsible for delivering them. It includes measures to help deliver the Low Emission Strategy as well as continuing to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport.

Clean air zone

AQAP3 includes proposals for a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) - an area of the city where the most frequent buses will be required to meet strict emission standards.

Further information is currently being prepared on:

  • health benefits of the CAZ
  • economic impacts of the CAZ
  • cost to local bus operators

We are also currently working towards:

  • an improved approach to tackling idling bus emissions
  • establishing a natural gas refuelling station and freight consolidation centre
  • setting emission standards for taxis and encouraging them to move to low emission vehicles
  • increasing the number of low emission vehicles in our own fleet
  • expansion of the electric vehicle recharging network
  • raising public awareness of the impact of pollution on health

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