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Street trading consents

If you want to sell items in the street or on land where the public have access (without having to pay), you will require a street trading consent from Licensing Services.

In order to trade on private land you require permission from the landowner as well as consent from ourselves. You may also require planning permission if your trading unit is a fixed, permanent structure.

You will also require a consent If you are organising an event such as a fête, fair or gala. Please see occasional street trading for more details.

Mobile food traders are also required to register with our Food Safety Unit.

You will also need Public Liability Insurance before you are allowed to trade.

You could be liable for a fine if you trade but do not have a consent.


There are restrictions on how, where and when you can trade. These restrictions, as well as other information, can be found on the street trading guidance.

Applying for consent

Return the completed application form(s) to Licensing Services.

Processing your application

We require time to process and consider your application before it can be granted.

Under normal circumstances we usually make a decision within 28 days and will notify you in writing. The time taken for a decision to be made will depend upon the proposed location of the site, and whether any consultation processes need to be undertaken with other parties, such as the Highway Authority, the Police or Parish Councils.

In this case:

  • you can't assume permission will be given
  • we'll contact you within 28 days to acknowledge receipt of your application

You can't act as if your application has been granted if we don't respond within expected timeframes.

If you haven't heard from us within 28 days, please contact us to check the status of your application.

If your application is successful you will need to supply a passport size photograph of yourself and any assistants employed by you.

Street trading consent fees

Fees are individually assessed for trading locations within the city walls, and within the vicinity of the city walls, as this depends on where you trade and the type of goods you sell.

Find out more about street trading consent licence fees for:

If your application is successful you will be told the exact fee and how to pay it. Payments can be broken down into 12 monthly instalments.


Consents are renewed each year on 1 April. Reminders are sent in February/March. Renewal is not guaranteed.

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