Details of fees relating to:

Inside the city walls Fees and Charges (before VAT)
Ice cream (fees assessed by individual location)
Food (fees assessed by individual location)
Non food (fees assessed by individual location)
Artists £2,152.50
Buskers - 1 day £20.50
Buskers - 5 days £61.00
Buskers - 10 days £102.00
Buskers - 1 month £202.00

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Outside the city walls Fees and Charges (before VAT)
Ice cream £1,722.00
Food £1,614.00
Non food £750.00

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Occasional street trading consent Fees and Charges (before VAT)
Food £56.00
Non food £41.00
Charities £15.00

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Car boot sale licence fees

Car boot sales (comercial) Fees and Charges (before VAT)
Less than 15 traders £75.00
15 to 50 traders £148.00
51 to 100 traders £300.00
More than 100 traders £410.00
Charities £15.00

If the operator is paying rent for using private land, the fees are reduced by half.

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Licence application details

See further details of the application process for street trading consent licences and permits, along with application forms:

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