For a community and Residents' Association to be recognised by us, it has to fulfill certain conditions to ensure that it's democratic and representative of the community.

This should include:

  • holding an inaugural public meeting where all residents are invited
  • writing and adopting a community group constitution
  • adopting our equal opportunities policy
  • holding an annual general meeting to which all members are invited
  • electing a committee
  • having council tenants who live in the area

Residents' and community associations are encouraged to adopt a committee structure where members are nominated for key posts such as chair, secretary and treasurer. A number of 'ordinary members' can also be elected, depending on the constitution.

We have produced the Residents Association Handbook for anyone interested in setting up a new Residents Association as well as any established groups.

Support for Resident and Community Associations

We'll help you set up and establish a community or Residents' Association in your area, contact our Housing Equalities and Engagement Facilitator. We'll also support you to find training and address issues that reflect the needs of residents in your local area.

A support grant is available to each recognised Association to help with costs such as meeting room hire, newsletters and stationery; contact our Housing Equalities and Engagement Facilitator for more information.

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