If you have been refused a place for your child and you want to appeal about school admissions, complete an appeal request form.

You will then be sent the relevant appeal form for your child's year group and preferred school, together with information about the appeals procedure.

On these forms specific to your child's year group and school you should set out the reasons for your appeal clearly and return it to Democratic Services. 

You should submit appeal forms within 20 school days from the date of refusal - that is the date on the letter you received that refused your child's admission to your preferred school(s).

Whether to appeal 

We cannot offer you advice as to whether you should appeal for a place at a school at which you have been unsuccessful.

You can however, ask us how successful appeals have been in the previous years as well as the specific reasons why you were unsuccessful in applying for your preferred school(s).

The guide for parents

You can find information on appeals next to each school's details in the Guide for Parents.

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