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School admission policies and reports

Admissions into any school are governed by its admission policy which is written, determined and administered by the school's admission authority:

  • for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools, the admission authority is the Local Authority
  • for Voluntary Aided and Academy schools, the admission authority is the Governing Body or Academy Trust of the school

The Guide for Parents includes information on each school, including who is the admission authority. Contact the admission authority for the particular school for any enquiries about admission policies.

Admission policies for applications for future school years have to be formally determined. Determination follows a period of consultation and happens many months before the start of the school year in which the policies apply.

Policies will be made available here when they have been determined or where they are in draft form or under consultation:

We also publish an annual school admissions report each year to the Schools Adjudicator with information regarding school admissions in the York area.

Schools admission arrangements consultation

A consultation is open between 7 October and 23 November 2020, where draft admissions policies, published admission numbers and related documents for schools in the City of York area are available for public viewing and comment. These documents relate to how admissions applications and decisions will be made for the 2022 to 2023 school year.

The consultation is a joint exercise between all admissions authorities in York, including:

  • the City of York Council on behalf of Community and Voluntary Controlled schools
  • the governing bodies of Voluntary Aided schools
  • the Academy Trusts of (single) Academies
  • the trust board, and local governing committees, of Multi-Academy Trusts

Following consultation, all admission authorities must formally set ('determine') their admission arrangements in line with the School Admissions Code .

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