Each year we receive lots of applications for single occupancy discount relating to council tax bills. Sadly, some applications are not genuine, and these people are attempting to cheat the system by fraudulently claiming reductions.

We undertake regular reviews to make sure our council tax records are up to date and to check which customers should continue to get a single occupancy discount.

Laws exists which allow us to:

  • prosecute council tax cheats through the court system
  • make fraudulent claimants pay back the money they owe

SPD review outcomes

Your discounts will continue if you:

  • complete the declaration and still qualify

Your discount will be stopped if you:

  • fail to complete the declaration
  • no longer qualify

If your SPD payments have been stopped incorrectly

As part of the 2018 review, customers were sent a letter asking them to confirm that they wished to continue to receive the SPD, either by phone or online. As the most recent review is now complete, the dedicated phone line and website are no longer available.

For those customers that didn't reply in time, the SPD has now been removed (with removal back-dated to April 2016).

If you didn’t reply to the original review and wish to claim SPD again (and have it back dated), you must now do so in writing:

Do not complete the online SPD form, as we require a paper form to reinstate SPD which has been removed as part of a review.

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