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Right to Buy

Right to Buy (RTB) means you may be entitled to buy your council home at a discount to the full market value. Your discount is based on the number of years you have spent as a public sector tenant.

Some properties, such as sheltered housing, are excluded from Right to Buy.

Check if you qualify and see details of the discounts available on GOV.UK.

If you qualify, you can make a Right to Buy application.

Once you have claimed the Right to Buy, we will not usually carry out general maintenance other than that for which it has a statutory obligation: for example, to keep a property wind and watertight, and to adequately maintain services, such as heating, sanitary and electrical installations.

We are responsible for repairing and maintaining the communal areas, the structure of the building and the outside of your home. Although we are responsible for arranging and carrying out this repair and maintenance work, you will be asked to contribute to the cost through your service charge.

Reselling homes bought under Right to Buy

You can sell your home whenever you like but you may have to pay back some of the discount you received when you bought the property. Find out more about reselling your home on GOV.UK.

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Housing Asset Officer (Right to Buy)

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