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Travel and transport

Older person's bus pass

You can apply for, renew or replace an older person's bus pass for free local travel throughout England, subject to peak-hour time restrictions.

Check your age eligibility for travel concessions to see if you're able to apply for an older person's bus pass, before completing the application. Eligibility is based on State Pension age.

Using your bus pass

Use your bus pass:

  • after 9.00am Monday to Friday
  • after 9.30am if travelling outside York and North Yorkshire
  • before 6.00am Monday to Friday in York and North Yorkshire (services allowing)
  • any time at weekends or bank holidays

Other bus pass rules

  • national passes are valid on local bus services throughout England
  • services incorporating a special amenity element (such as Park and Ride) may incur a charge - for example, passholders boarding at Park & Ride sites must pay a £1.20 return fare
  • passes are not valid for use on excursions, tour buses or race-day shuttles
  • passes are not generally valid for free travel on long-distance scheduled coach services such as National Express - check with the coach operator before travelling
  • passes are not valid in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland

When using your pass outside the local area, please let the driver know your destination to avoid any confusion.

You can only apply for a bus pass from us if your 'sole or principal residence' is located in our area.

If you have recently moved to the York area and have a bus pass issued in another area, you must return it before you apply for a new pass from us.

Bus pass hotlisting

We'll electronically cancel your bus pass and 'hotlist' it if it's no longer valid for travel.

There are a number of reasons why a bus pass may be cancelled:

  • if you've previously reported your pass as lost or stolen and it has been replaced - make sure you use only your most recent pass and destroy any older ones
  • if we've contacted you requesting proof of continued eligibility and you've not provided it
  • if your pass has been used inappropriately, for example by a family member or friend

If a hotlisted pass is presented for travel, it will be rejected by the pass reader as it's not a valid card. You'll be asked to pay the fare for your journey and will have to hand over your bus pass, to be returned to us. This is to reduce the number of cancelled passes in circulation.

If you believe you are still eligible for free travel, please contact the Bus Passes Team as soon as possible.

You'll need to pay for travel until you receive your replacement bus pass.

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