From March 2019, the way CYC staff log on when working remotely will be changing.

Citrix upgrade

Our Citrix upgrade will allow staff to log on more quickly and more securely.

ICT will contact staff by email to confirm the date they’ll be migrated to the new system.

One Time Passcode (OTP)

Entrust cards will no longer be needed. Instead, staff will use a unique 6-digit passcode each time they log on remotely.

Note: Staff should continue to use their Entrust Cards until they've been contacted by ICT with a migration date.

Once migrated, staff will need to use an authenticator app (downloadable to a smartphone or home computer) which will provide a new passcode each time they log on.

Our step-by-step One Time Passcode (OTP) guide provides instructions on how to download this app.

Following migration, staff should log on remotely via

Refer to our FAQs for further information:

Staff can also contact the ICT Service Desk for assistance.

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