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Low Emission Strategy

We've adopted a Low Emission Strategy (LES) which aims to reduce emissions from individual vehicles by encouraging better driver behaviour, good vehicle maintenance and the uptake of alternative fuels and low emission vehicle technologies.

Our LES has already delivered:

  • an electric park and ride service (Poppleton Bar)
  • the world’s first electric double-decker tour bus
  • a hybrid taxi incentive scheme for taxi drivers
  • a comprehensive 'Pay as You Go' electric vehicle recharging network in our car parks and Park and Ride sites
  • increased uptake of car club vehicles (particularly amongst our staff)

Our Low Emission Strategy is available to download from our dedicated air quality website JorAir

Improving vehicle emissions

Reducing vehicle trips and achieving good levels of 'modal shift' won't be enough to deliver our 'air quality objectives' at all locations in York.

The main reason for this are:

  • the failure of European vehicle emission standards to reduce the amount of nitrogen dioxide arising from diesel vehicles
  • the number of diesel vehicles in the city is steadily increasing
  • many of these diesel vehicles, such as buses, taxis and lorries, provide essential transport services to the city and cannot simply be removed

Our current Air Quality Action Plan has recently been updated to include measures to promote both modal shift and low emission vehicles.

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