Health and Safety, Trading Standards and food safety fees

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Health and safety licence fees

Fee category Charge (VAT not chargeable)
Practitioner licence (acupuncture, electrolysis, piercing, tattooing) £193.00
Premises licence £193.00

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Food safety licence fees

Exporting food and unfit food Charge (before VAT)
Health and purity ('fit for consumption') certificate £71.20
Certification of unfit food £71.20
Information requests (hourly rate, excluding VAT) £71.20
Food safety request for revisit £289.00

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Business advice officer fees

Trading Standards and Public Protection officers can provide tailored advice and information to local businesses.

Our current hourly rates are:

Officer grade Hourly rate (before VAT)
Grade 8 £58.52
Grade 9 £64.34
Grade 10 £71.20
Grade 11 £80.02
Grade 12 £88.58

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Public Protection officer court fees

Public Protection officers deal with prosecution cases relating to health and safety or food safety offences.

Our current court hourly rates are:

Officer grade Hourly rate (before VAT)
Grade 4 £46.80
Grade 5 £48.49
Grade 6 £51.66
Grade 7 £54.53
Grade 8 (Technical Officer rate) £58.52
Grade 9 (Project Officer rate) £64.34
Grade 10 (Environmental Health Officer / Trading Standards Officer rate) £71.20
Grade 11 (Manager rate) £80.02
Grade 12 (Head of Service rate) £88.58

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Licence and service details

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