Details of fees relating to:

Health and safety licence fees

Fee category Charge (before VAT)
Practitioner licence (acupuncture, electrolysis, piercing, tattooing) £191.00
Premises licence £191.00

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Food and safety licence fees

Exporting food and unfit food Charge (before VAT)
Health and purity ("fit for consumption") certificate £70.69
Certification of unfit food £70.69
Information requests (hourly rate, excluding VAT) £70.69

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Business advice officer fees

Tranding Standards and Public Protection officers can provide tailored advice and information to local businesses.

Our current hourly rates for services are as follows.

Officer grade Hourly rate (before VAT)
Grade 8 £58.40
Grade 9 £64.04
Grade 10 £70.69
Grade 11 £79.24
Grade 12 £87.54

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Public Protection officer court fees

Prosecution cases relating to health and safety or food safety offences are dealt with by Public Protection officers.

Our current hourly rates for court costs are as follows.

Officer grade Hourly rate (before VAT)
Grade 4 £46.80
Grade 5 £48.49
Grade 6 £51.66
Grade 7 £54.53
Grade 8 (Technical Officer rate) £58.40
Grade 9 (Project Officer rate) £64.04
Grade 10 (Environmental Health Officer/Trading Standards Officer rate) £70.69
Grade 11 (Manager rate) £79.24
Grade 12 (Head of Service rate) £87.54

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Licence and service details

See further details of related licences and permits and services for health and safety, food safety, Trading Standards and Public Protection, along with application forms:

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