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Planning and building

Haxby Station Project

We're working to fulfil a decades-long ambition to bring a railway station back to Haxby.

Haxby station closed in 1930 and we are progressing plans to bring a station back to the area, increasing sustainable travel options in the north of York and improving connections to towns and cities across the country.

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The Haxby Station Project

The ambition for a station at Haxby has been held for many years and as part of the Council plan, ‘Making History, Building Communities’.

Two years ago the council engaged residents to understand their views on the idea of bringing a railway station back to the area.

Following this engagement, the council submitted a bid for funding to government to build a new railway station. At the end of 2020, the government announced that £400k had been made available to fund further development work.

Since then, working closely with Network Rail and other partners, the council has been working on a strategic and business case which will help unlock the additional funding that will be necessary to deliver the railway station, with the hope that a new station could be built in 2024.

We launched a consultation in spring 2022 to find out more about what residents would want from a station in Haxby. We also wanted to better understand any local concerns. This will help us to develop our bid for funding to the government.

At an Executive meeting in October 2022 councillors received an update on the project and agreed that a planning application will be submitted for the new railway station and to progress the project to the next stages. Councillors were also updated on progress made in recent months, including:

  • the completion of a resident consultation
  • securing an additional £1.1 million funding from government
  • the submission of a Levelling Up Fund bid to increase sustainable travel options around the station

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The preferred location

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In December 2021, after considering potential options, the Executive selected Towthorpe Road as the preferred site. The site presents a strong case for a station in Haxby with a lower deliverability risk, as it can be delivered within the timescales mandated by the Department for Transport. Additionally, the evaluation concluded that nearby residents would be less adversely impacted by the potential development of this site, both during construction and once the station is operational.

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What you've told us

Throughout this project we've been listening to local communities as we work to bring a railway station to Haxby. As well as meeting with and updating local councillors we've spoken to parish and town councils on a regular basis. In addition to this, we've carried out 2 engagement exercises to understand the needs of residents. This has helped us to tackle any issues or concerns and helped to shape our bid to the government.

Thank you to everyone who has had their say so far.

2020 consultation

In 2020 we carried out an initial consultation to understand the thoughts of residents on the idea of bringing a railway back to the area.

With over 1,000 people responding the consultation found:

  • 91% supported the idea of a railway station in Haxby (82% strongly supported)
  • the vast majority of respondents to the consultation were from the Haxby, Wigginton, Strensall and Earswick areas
  • of those that currently travelled for employment or education, 87% usually did so to York city centre. 25% said that their destination would be Leeds, with 13% saying London
  • 73% said that they would likely walk or cycle to the new station
  • the main anticipated benefits of a new station included: Reduced traffic (most commonly associated with travel into York); Increased connectivity; and Improved commuting opportunities
  • 83% said that they anticipated that they would not need to use their car for leisure trips to York, Leeds or Scarborough. 79% said that they anticipated that they would be able to access Manchester airport via rail
  • the main anticipated concerns of a new station included: Concerns over parking (especially near the station); Increased traffic in Haxby; and Noise associated with trains

2022 consultation

In spring 2022 we carried out a consultation to allow residents to express their views on the initial plans, designs and use of the new station ahead of the funding bid being submitted to government.

We're working to analyse all the comments and responses to the consultation. Here is an initial summary of the findings:

  • 1,200 people participated in the consultation
  • 81% of participants support the proposal for a station in Haxby (67% strongly support), 14% are opposed, with 5% neutral
  • 83% of respondents say that they would use Haxby station, to one extent or another
  • 74% of participants lived in Haxby or the immediate surrounding villages (for example, Wigginton, Strensall, Towthorpe and Earswick)
  • 96% of participants lived within the City of York boundary
  • 78% said that they would use the station for Leisure travel (for example, shopping; visiting families), 66% would use it as part of longer distance journeys (such as for journeys to London and Manchester Airport), 33% would use the station as part of their daily commute
  • 50% said that they would use a re-routed bus service to travel to and from the station whereas 33% said that they would not
  • 57% said that they would likely walk to the new station, 47% said that they may use a bus service, 30% said that they would likely cycle and 29% said that they would use private motor vehicle
  • 65% of respondents said that opening a station in Haxby meant that they would not need to use their car as much; 53% said that they would be able to access Manchester Airport via rail and 32% said that it would allow them to travel to work or study for their commute
  • 70% said that they would be more likely to visit Leeds due to a new station in Haxby, 64% said York city centre and 63% said that they’d be more likely to visit Scarborough

There were also a number of comments throughout the consultation with people asking questions, raising concerns or making general comments. The themes of these responses were:

  • the number of car parking spaces
  • the need for a walking route and a cycle route from Strensall and/or Towthorpe
  • concerns over fly-parking and traffic on nearby residential streets
  • road safety concerns
  • questions over Towthorpe Road as the location
  • general supportive statements of the project

Thank you to everyone who took the time to have their say. These responses and comments will help shape our funding bid to central government and future designs and plans around Haxby station.

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Next steps

Now that a preferred location has been selected, the council and Network Rail are undertaking design work and advanced site investigations, as well as a revised cost estimate to present to the Department for Transport.

The additional development work saw the council run another public consultation on the preferred site in Spring 2022 to ensure that any local concerns are understood and addressed during the design stage and in any future planning application.

By Autumn 2022 the council is hoping to submit its application for funding to the Department for Transport to help unlock the additional funding that will be necessary to deliver the railway station, with the hope that a new station could be built in 2024. The total project cost is currently estimated to be approximately £15 million.

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