Habitat Regulation Assessments (HRA) (sometimes known as 'appropriate assessments') are important to help understand the predicted effects of our policies and 'allocations' on internationally significant nature conservation sites, within 15km of our boundary.

In order to meet with European Legislation such as the Habitat Directive, Wild Birds Directive and the UK Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010, we have to produce a HRA for all of our major plans or projects which could include:

A HRA aims to:

  • establish whether plans policies or allocations for development will affect the integrity of such sites
  • assess the likely impacts, how significant these impacts are
  • assess whether mitigation is needed to protect the sites
  • assess whether adverse impacts can be offset

Internationally significant nature conservation

Internationally significant nature conservation sites are also referred to as the 'Natura 2000 network' and include:

Habitat Regulation Assessments (HRA) outcomes

HRA outcomes informed the development of the new Local Plan and feed into the Sustainability Appraisals.

A HRA was produced for the new Local Plan Preferred Options Stage in 2013, as well to support the new Local Plan Publication Draft which went to Cabinet in September 2014.

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