Gambling Act 2005

Under the Gambling Act 2005, we are responsible for (and offer advice on) licensing premises and issuing permits for gambling activities within our area.

Gambling premises licences

Gambling premises licences allows facilities such as:

  • adult gaming centres
  • family entertainment centres
  • casino premises
  • bingo premises
  • betting premises
  • betting tracks

Gambling permits

We issue gambling premises licences for:

**These machines can be used by children - they have the lowest level of stake and prizes

Small lottery registration

We also register small lotteries.

Licensing objectives

Together with applicants and other agencies, we must work to promote the three licensing objectives:

  • keeping gambling crime free
  • making sure that gambling is fair and open
  • protecting children and vulnerable adults

Gambling licensing policy

As the Licensing authority, we have a duty to produce a licensing policy which sets out our general approach to making licensing decisions; this policy is formally reviewed every three years.

We have also produced a Gambling 'Local Area Profile' to assist new applicants and current licence holders.

Further guidance can be found at:

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