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Advice about frozen and burst pipes

In long periods of cold weather, the 'condensate pipe' of your boiler can freeze. If this happens your boiler will automatically shut down and leave you without central heating and hot water.

The pipe comes from the bottom of your boiler and goes either to an internal waste pipe or goes outside into the drain. It is made of white, grey or black plastic and can freeze in the winter, even if it is insulated. The purpose of the condensate pipe is to carry condensate liquid from your boiler safely to the drain. 

How to tell if your condensate pipe is frozen

There are a couple of ways to tell if your pipe is frozen:

  • you may hear some bubbling sounds coming from the boiler or the pipe itself
  • there may be a warning light or fault code flashing on your boiler

If the condensate pipe is frozen, you should contact the Housing Repairs team. They will arrange for a heating engineer to come out and insulate the pipe.

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