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Councillors' allowances and expenses

We publish details of the allowances and expenses paid to our elected members in the previous tax year, via York Open Data.

Detailed information is available on:

Scheme of allowances and expenses

Details of the allowances and expenses which members are entitled to are included in the Members’ Scheme of Allowances, or you can read FAQs about the scheme. The amount each member receives relates to the duties they perform and can include:

Current Special Responsibility Allowances

See details of current Special Responsibility Allowances (SRAs) for roles where SRAs are payable.

Special responsibility SRA amount
Leader of the Council £31,113
Deputy Leader of the Council £21,778
Executive Member £18,668
Group Leader (Main Opposition) £14,001
Planning Committee Chair £9,934
Audit and Governance Committee Chair £7,778
Licensing and Regulatory Committee Chair £7,778
Planning Sub-Committee Chair £7,778
Scrutiny Management Committee Chair £7,778
Deputy Group Leader (Group with more than 10 Members) £6,223
Group Leader (Minority Party) £6,223
Scrutiny Committees Chair £6,223
Lord Mayor as Chair of Council £3,111

Review of members' scheme of allowances

Members' allowances and SRAs are reviewed on a regular basis. The last review was carried out in December 2019.

See details of our review of members' scheme of allowances.

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