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Council tax

Summons or liability order dispute

You can raise a dispute against summons or liability order costs due to council tax arrears if:

  • you're liable for the account
  • a summons or liability order has been issued
  • you're raising a dispute under 'acceptable dispute criteria'

Raise a summons or liability order dispute

Acceptable dispute criteria

If your dispute doesn't meet one of the 'acceptable dispute criteria' it will not be considered, the criteria are:

Outstanding balance has been paid

You can raise a dispute if you think you made payments and your account was up to date when a summons or liability order was issued.

To support your dispute provide proof of payments made, such as a copy of a bank statement or counter receipt.

Charge is incorrect

You can raise a dispute if you think a summons has been issued for an incorrect amount (for example if you should have received a discount or exemption during the chargeable period)

To support your dispute provide evidence of your application for a discount or exemption, at the appropriate time, before a summons was issued.

If you haven't already, make a separate application for a council tax discount or exemption; this may reduce the amount you're being held liable for.

You should not be held liable

You can raise a dispute if you believe that someone else should be liable to pay

To support your dispute provide evidence, such as your tenancy agreements.

A liable party may be:

  • another occupant
  • a landlord
  • the property owner

You didn't live in the property when you've been made liable

You can raise a dispute if you weren't living at the address during the chargeable period, for example:

  • you never moved in to the address
  • you moved out on an earlier date

To support your dispute provide proof of occupancy, or tenancy start and end dates.

If you haven't already submit a change of address for council tax form.

Ongoing disputes about arrears

When a dispute is ongoing your account will be treated as normal. You should continue to make payments or further recovery action may occur if you fail to pay/get into further arrears.

Outcome of disputes about arrears

Not all disputes will lead to the cancellation of a summons or liability order.

When a dispute is not possible

If your circumstances don't meet the acceptable criteria, we may still be able to help you to manage your outstanding debt contact us to discuss your account and the possibility of setting up a Special Payment Arrangement.

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