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Routes to Changing Places

Route from Nunnery Lane car park to York Train Station Changing Place

Changing Places logo; blue circle with white wheelchair user, hoist and bench icons inside.We've provided a number of routes to Changing Places in York city centre from nearby council car parks.

Route map and details

The route from Nunnery Lane car park to the Changing Place next to Silver Street public toilets is 431 metres; approximately 6 minutes walk.

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  1. From Nunnery Lane car park walk south-west towards Nunnery Lane.
  2. Turn right onto Nunnery Lane.
  3. Continue onto Queen Street.
  4. Continue onto Station Road.
  5. Turn left into York Train Station.
  6. Arrive at York Train Station toilets.

Return journey directions

  1. From York Train Station toilets.
  2. Walk east towards Station Road.
  3. Turn right onto Station Road.
  4. Continue onto Queen Street.
  5. Continue onto Nunnery Lane.
  6. Arrive back at Nunnery Lane car park.

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