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Planning and building

Subdivision of dwellings SPD

Dividing existing buildings into smaller 'residential units' (converting buildings to flats) can be an important source of new housing in York. It's also a sustainable form of development as it gives a new lease of life to existing buildings which might be redundant or economically unviable in their current use.

The Subdivision of Dwellings Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides guidance to developers to ensure that where the subdivision of dwellings is proposed, they:

  • provide adequate internal space
  • are of a suitable layout
  • have acceptable amounts of internal and external storage space
  • have acceptable levels of facilities
  • do not have an adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring residents
  • are built and designed to a high standard of sustainability

Consultation on this SPD was undertaken between January and March in 2012, and the draft SPD was approved by Cabinet in December 2012.

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