Staff and partners can get access to council communications systems, applications and ICT remotely, over a secure connection, if authorised to do so.

Remote access is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

If you don't know your login information or need assistance, contact our ICT Service Desk on telephone: 01904 552222.

CYC application portal

Use your Entrust grid card, token or PIN to access standard Citrix applications from any personal computer via our CYC application portal.

PSN application portal

Authorised staff who have access to PSN applications can connect to our ICT systems and PSN applications from a CYC owned computer via the PSN Application Portal.

An Entrust token is required, and a Citrix endpoint analysis scan will run.

Airwatch portal

Manage your own device as an alternative to calling the ICT Service Desk:

Our Self Service Portal can be reached from any device.

Self service password reset

Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) allows you to easily reset your password 24/7 based on simple, predefined questions. The 'Forgot my password' button is built into the Windows login screen, so there’s no need to call the ICT Service Desk or submit a support ticket when your account is locked or you forget your password.

The enrolment process adds your account into SSRPM and is mandatory for all users. This process uses personalised questions for authentication and a PIN code which is sent to a non-CYC email provided by you, or a text message to a mobile device if you choose this option.

Outlook web access

Use Outlook web access to reach your emails; an Entrust grid card or token is required.

DOQEX Secure email and web portal

The council’s secure email system has changed to DOQEX (Secure) email. In addition to sending secure email, you will also have access to other DOQEX services such as secure file sharing and project spaces.

Download the DOQEX user guides for further information, or contact the ICT Service Desk.

Skype for Business Enterprise Voice pilot

Helpful guides for customers who are part of the 'Skype for Business Enterprise Voice' pilot:

New CYC application portal for migrated users

See the New ICT Portal if you have recently been migrated.

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