Skip hire companies are responsible for obtaining a 'skip permit' or 'skip licence'. They must complete a skip licence application form for permission to put a skip on the road or grass verge.

Permits are needed for:

  • skips
  • 'hippobags' and other skip bags

You don't need a skip licence to put a skip on private land.

We require 3 working days' notice to process skip permit applications. If you require a skip more urgently, we can arrange immediate permission for an extra charge.

Skip permit restrictions

Please note that your skip should:

  • be lit at night
  • have cones placed around it
  • visibly display your licence (for example, the ground floor window of an adjacent property)
  • not be placed on the footway (except in exceptional circumstances)
  • not be placed on double yellow lines
  • not cause a highway obstruction

Skip permit costs

We'll charge the skip company:

  • £55 for 1 to 14 days
  • £55 for an additional 1 to 14 days
  • an additional £37 if 3 days' notice is not given (£92 in total)

If we find a skip on the road or grass verge without a permit:

  • we'll contact the skip company
  • they'll be required to apply for a permit or remove the skip immediately
  • we'll invoice a penalty charge of £99 (this is in addition to the permit cost)

Any skip found on the road or grass verge without lights, cones or breaching any other licence conditions will result in an extra charge of £26.

We invoice the skip company at the end of each month for all incurred costs.

Tacit consent for skip permits

'Tacit consent' doesn't apply to this application, because it's in the public interest we process your application before it can be granted.

This means:

  • you can't assume we'll give you permission
  • we'll contact you within 3 working days to let you know we've received your application
  • if you've not heard from us within 3 working days, contact us to check your application's status

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