Complete a temporary bus stop request form if you're planning street works which will impact on the use of one or more bus stops in our area.

Sometimes a stop closure will be unnecessary or there may be no suitable alternative location for a temporary stop.

Contact us to discuss the need for a replacement facility before submitting this form.

The form should not be used to request:

  • the permanent relocation of a bus stop
  • installation of additional bus stop facilities

The completed form must be sent to us no less than 5 days in advance of the required relocation. Late-notice and emergency submissions will be accepted, but at an additional cost.

Temporary bus stop application costs

  • the basic fee for installation and removal of a temporary stop is £88
  • if permanent bus stop equipment must be removed for the duration of the works, the fee is £166
  • we will charge an additional fee of up to £166 for damage to or unauthorised removal of a temporary stop

All fees, including additional charges for long-term works and late-notice applications are detailed on the request form.

Please return your completed form to us either by post or email. A signature is always required. Short notice applications by email will be accepted provided a signed copy of the form follows by post as soon as possible.

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