Starting junior school for the first time

If your child attends an infant school, when they reach September of Year 2, you should apply for a junior school place. You should apply before the following 15 January.

Starting Year 3 in September 2018

Apply for a junior school place online

Applications can be made until 15 January 2018. Late applications can be made after 15 January, though these may be looked at after other applications.

Applicants will be advised of their allocated school from National Offer Day, which is 16 April 2018.

Guide for Parents

We recommend that all parents/carers consult the Guide for parents before applying for a school place, as it contains key information on school admissions.

Sibling links

A ‘sibling link’ is where your preference for a school place is considered with a higher priority than applicants who will not have siblings attending the school. For junior schools, this includes any brothers or sisters (including 'half' and 'step' brothers or sisters) living in the same house as their primary place of residence, who attend the preferred junior school in Years 3 to 5 at the time of application.

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