Starting primary or infant school for the first time

You should apply for your child to start primary or infant school in September by 15 January 2017 in the school year your child turns 4.

Starting Reception in September 2017

Apply for a place online

As places have already been allocated, only late applications can now be made. Most schools are full and have waiting lists for new preferences.

Starting Reception in September 2018

Applications can be made from 12 September 2017, until 15 January 2018. Late applications can be made after 15 January, though these may be looked at after other applications.

Applicants will be advised of their allocated school from 'National Offer Day', which is 16 April 2018.

Guide for Parents

Please read the Guide for Parents before applying for a school place, as it contains key information on school admissions.

Delayed and deferred admission

Most parent/carers wish for their child to start primary or infant school in the September of the school year they turn 5. Depending on your child's date of birth, you may request for them to start later. You can find more information in our delayed and deferred admission policy.

To delay admission is to start in the same school year at a later date, and should be discussed with your child's allocated school once places have been allocated.

To defer admission is to start Reception one school year later than your child's peers. You can only request to do this if your child is born between 01 April and 31 August. You must request this by 15 January to accompany your original application. You may wish to speak to us for further advice if you are considering deferred entry.

Infant and junior schools

If you apply for a Reception place at an infant school, when your child reaches year 2 you'll need to apply for a year 3 place at a junior school:

  • admission to junior school is not automatic
  • 'sibling links' at infant and junior schools should be noted (see below)

Sibling links

A 'sibling link at an infant school' includes any brothers or sisters (including half and step-brothers or sisters), who live in the same house, as their primary place of residence, and attend the preferred infant school in Reception or year 1, at the time of application.

A sibling link does not include siblings who will be either in year 2 at the infant school or at a nearby junior school at the time of admission.

Supplementary information forms

If you are applying for schools outside of the City of York area, or faith schools such as your local Church of England or Roman Catholic Primary or Secondary School, you may also need to provide additional information such as proof of baptism, or fill in a Supplementary Information Form (SIF).

You should check with the school directly if a SIF is required, but you must always apply to your home Local Authority.

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