If you are the organiser of a car boot sale to which the public have access without paying an entry fee you will need to apply to us for street trading (car boot) consent.

Apply for street trading consent

Complete the street trading (car boot) consent form and return it to our licensing services team.

Please make sure you include payment with your application (cheques payable to City of York Council).

If you wish to pay by debit/credit card call us on tel: 01904 552512.

Things you need to know:

  • as the organiser you will be issued with the consent and you will hold it for all non professional traders
  • if you are a professional trader attending the event you must initially seek permission from the organiser and apply to us for your own trading consent
  • if you are a market trader you are not allowed to trade at a car boot sale and you cannot sell new goods which have been bought for retail
  • if you are the organiser of an occasional car boot sale you must apply to us for a street trading consent at least 7 days before the sale is to take place
  • if you are organising regular sales you must apply at least 28 days in advance. You also need to notify Trading Standards at least 21 days before you wish to hold a sale

Cost of street trading consent

You will need consent to cover all non professional traders. Fees are based on the number of traders at the sale. If you are unsure of the number of traders who will attend, the fees can be adjusted after the event.

Number of traders Cost (£)
less than 15 traders 75
15 to 50 traders 148
51 to 100 traders 300
more than 100 traders 410
charities/non profit making organisations/schools 15

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