Attendance and truancy

Compulsory education ends on the last Friday in June in Year 11. Until this date all children must attend school and parents have a legal responsibility to facilitate and ensure their child's attendance.

We have the right to issue parents with a fine ('fixed penalty notice') if your child does not attend school.

Absence due to illness

Absences due to illness should be reported to schools on the first day of absence. If your child is missing school, or has an issue that affects their attendance, you should contact the school to resolve any issues or difficulties.

Authorised absences

Children may have to attend a medical or dental appointment in school time, although you should try to make routine appointments such as dental check-ups during the school holidays or after school hours.

Any other request for absence must be requested in advance. Absences can only be authorised by the head teacher in exceptional circumstances. If you think you might need to take your child out of school, discuss the reasons with the school as soon as possible.

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