Older person's bus pass application form

Complete this form to apply for an older person's bus pass.

Note: Our system will 'time out' after 10 minutes. As part of your application, you'll need to upload scanned copies of proof of age and address and a passport sized photograph - however, this form will only accept uploaded documents in either .pdf or .jpg formats.

We strongly suggest that you prepare your documents before starting this form so that you can locate them easily, and within the time limit. It's not possible to save partially completed forms, nor to retrieve information if the 'time out' period is reached.

When you'll receive your pass

If you're applying for your pass for the first time, you'll normally receive it by post within 10 working days. We cannot accept applications any earlier than 2 weeks before you become eligible for an older person's bus pass.

Telephone: 01904 551670 if you have any queries.

Lost and stolen passes

Contact us or visit our Customer Centre to request a replacement if you've lost your pass.

We charge £10.00 to replace lost passes.

We'll replace stolen passes free of charge on production of a valid police incident number.

Your security and privacy

Do not use this form to send anything of a confidential nature, for example, your credit card or bank details.

We have a duty to protect the public funds we administer, and may use the information you've provided on this form for the prevention and detection of fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies administering public funds solely for these purposes.

We do not rent, sell or trade your personal information. See our privacy statement.