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Students registering to vote

If you're a student in York you can vote in local and national (parliamentary) elections if your name is on the 'electoral register'.

You can register to vote online if you are:

  • 18 (or will become 18 during the life of the register)
  • a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union Member State citizen
  • resident at a York address

Before you begin, ensure you have your national insurance number ready. You can find this number on any of the following documents:

  • national insurance card
  • payslips
  • letters about benefits or tax credits
  • P60’s
  • letters about pensions

Your national insurance number and date of birth will be used to identify you and will be verified against Department of Works and Pension records, before our Electoral Registration office can approve your application.

Alternatively you can complete and return a 'invitation to register to vote' form.

We will write to you to confirm receipt of your application and to confirm that your name has been added to the register.

Download our FAQs about elections for students.

Register to vote in York

For local elections students are entitled to register at both their home address and their university address. However, for parliamentary election it is a criminal offence (with £5000 fine) to vote more than once.

People registering to vote in England, Scotland and Wales must register as individuals, this includes students in halls of residence, those lodging with others and those in rented accommodation.

Deciding not to register to vote in York

While studying in York, if you decide only to register at your home address and don't want to register here, you must still send back your completed Invitation to Register Form with the section 'nobody eligible to register' completed.

Just tick the 'other' box and state that you are student registered at home, then sign and return the form. We will record your choice and not send any more forms.

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