Description of role

The Youth Justice Service is looking for volunteers to support their work in preventing offending and anti-social behaviour by young people.

As a volunteer you'll take young people to appointments, such as housing, social services, benefits, Connexions, job centre.

You'll be volunteering alongside paid staff, taking part in one-to-one sessions with young people in restorative or victim-focused work.

This role also involves:

  • mentoring young people who need additional support and guidance
  • prison visiting and resettlement - visiting and writing to young people in custody and helping them re-integrate into the community on release
  • bail ‘mentoring’ – assisting young people on bail supervision, supporting them to stick to their conditions and attending police stations or courts on time. You'll also help them find positive ways to use their time and accompany them to leisure activities
  • prevention work with young people aged 8 to 13 years - taking them to the library, out of school activities, educational or cultural visits
Benefits to the volunteer
  • opportunities to have a positive impact on a young person's life
  • chances to develop your skills and experience of working with young people
  • chances to improve your confidence and self esteem
Contact details for application or information