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Bootham Stray - Parks and open spaces directory


Bootham Stray
Rawcliffe and Clifton Without
YO30 6JF


Bootham Stray is managed by City of York Council in consultation with the Freemen of the City.

Bootham Stray is an important part of the historic landscape of York and a link to the surrounding farmland. There is a great sense of space but the busy Wigginton Road, cutting through the stray, makes this a piece of countryside in the city.

There is more than 100 acres of grassland, with large parts grazed by cattle.


Open access. There are informal paths, which are wet and muddy in winter.

Travel and parking


Buses run frequently from the city centre to Burton Stone Lane and Burton Green.

For up-to-date information about local bus routes see the iTravel York website.


There are no council car parks close to this location.

Please use available on-street parking in the surrounding streets, showing consideration for local residents.

However, please note that a number of surrounding streets fall with Residents' Priority Parking Scheme zones

Managed by
City of York Council