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Dringhouses cemetery

The cemetery is situated off Tadcaster Road adjacent to York College. Buried within Dringhouses are some notable names including three members of the Terry confectioners family. This small closed cemetery, dating back to 1926, provides a peaceful and tranquil haven for the departed with the traditional graves being located on the left hand side of the main entrance.

On the right hand side of the entrance to the cemetery is an area for the interment of cremated remains; each grave can accommodate four sets of cremated remains with the exclusive right of burial set at fifty years. You will find already in situ concrete beams or grips which are specially constructed to allow the erection of a headstone to a maximum height of 3 foot (914 mm) without disturbing the grave.

Most of the cemetery is laid out in a style that allows access to all areas throughout the year, so that family and friends are able to visit during winter months.

Arranging a burial

The cost of arranging a burial is made up of two elements; the cost of buying the piece of land or "grave" and the cost of opening the grave which is the "interment".

At present no new graves are available at Dringhouses. However, there are other cemeteries within York that offer new purchased graves:


Only memorials that conform to an approved specification are allowed in the cemetery. These specifications are available from the York Crematorium office, funeral directors and monumental masons. Appropriate authority must be obtained before a memorial can be fixed and it is important to note that the grave owner, or their executor or personal representative will be held responsible for the future maintenance and safety of that memorial.

A Dringhouses Cemetery Memorial Permit is required for a memorial headstone or tablet, or for an additional inscription to an existing memorial at Dringhouses cemetery.

Pay for your Dringhouses Cemetery Memorial Permit

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