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Improving your home yourself

Every secure tenant has the right to improve their home. You need permission from your Housing Management Officer in writing and the work must be carried out according to the guidelines given.

Permission will be denied if the work could cause us expense or difficulty letting the home in the future, or is a potential safety risk.

To apply for permission, contact your Housing Management Officer.

What happens if we refuse your request

Permission to improve your home will not be refused without good reason and only in cases where, for example, it could affect the safety of your house or involve us in extra expense.

If you have received a rent arrears notice then permission for improvements may not be given.

We must explain any refusal in writing. If you think our decision is unreasonable you can challenge it by exercising your right to appeal or by taking us to court.

Rent concerns

Carrying out improvements will not cause an increase to your rent, or that of any successors to your tenancy.

Requesting money back for improvements when you leave

Provided you get permission for improvements or alterations and carry them out satisfactorily you can request a cash payment when you leave your home.

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